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One of the great growth areas within shipping in recent years has been the LNG/LPG sector. At Reference Marine International, we have been intimately involved within this sector from its onset.


We apply all our services within the LNG/LPG sector and have extensive expertise and experience in all aspects of vessel inspection, design, specification, plan approval and site team management whether in new building, conversions or repairs.

We have worked on all LNG/LPG vessel configurations including:

  • GTT Mk3 and No96 Containment Systems
  • Moss Containment Systems
  • Floating Storage Conversion
  • Liquefaction
  • Re-Liquefaction
  • Re-Gasification
  • Dual and Tri-Fuel Diesel Electric
  • Gas Fuelled Slow Speed
  • Steam

We also hold a number of proprietary technology patents that have been developed in house.