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Reference Marine International (RMI) business model is built on a solid foundation of decades of technical and operational lessons learned.  As a Technical Business Solutions company, we work with stakeholders from private and public-sector enterprises and institutions, to jointly develop models and strategies that add value and increase efficiencies across their energy and infrastructure initiatives.

As part of our quality management drive, RMI promotes quality management and assurance with its Employees, Alliance Partners and Customers, that are aligned with our Vision, Mission and Value.

We add value to our Customers through our capabilities and efficiencies in our trademarked processes, whilst maximising stakeholder satisfaction.

RMI is committed to building and sustaining a quality product through:

  • Qualified solution partnering
  • Unwavering commitment to deliver quality over quantity
  • Adapt the business in line with market shifts
  • Learn from previous industry lessons, with what worked and what didn’t
  • Integrity in engagement and execution
  • Total Quality Management integrated into customer solutions
  • Your knowledge transfer back to the customer


RMI management promotes the sharing of best practice and lessons learned, by delivering efficient solutions across the full asset life cycles from early pre-investment through to each critical stage of execution and operation, giving value to our stakeholders.

RMI is committed to quality management best practice, and the implementation of the ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 29001:2010 quality management systems.